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Goodwill (HK) Technology LTD


    Goodwill (HK) Technology LTD., established in December 2005, contains Beijing Goodwill Technology co., LTD. and Tianjin Hanjie Tchnology co., LTD. Tianjin Hanjie Technology co., LTD. has the import and export agency,with a liaison office in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangzhou and technical service center, to provide comprehensive and timely service.

    As several instrument manufacturers in China's agent,Goodwill is responsible for the sales of their products, installation and after-sales service in Europe, America and so on. For agriculture, forestry, environment, health and scientific research in areas, Goodwill provide such as laboratory with advanced scientific instruments and equipment. Goodwill has been engaged in analytical instruments technical backbone. With years of rich experience,Goodwill can provide customers with professional consulting, technical services and make reasonable, the best solution for customers to choose. A number of manufacturers technical service engineers are trained  systemmatic to provide installation and debugging, and after-sales service, etc. By the good faith, guileless, excellent service and a high level of technical support and perfect after-sales service system, Goodwill won the recognition and trust of customers.

    Goodwill (HK) Technology LTD, as a Sweden OPSIS products general agent in China, is fully responsible for all its products sales and after-sales service in China (including Hong Kong and Macao). Due to the strong technology support, the company works well by all advances technicals and instrument. 

    Goodwill (HK) Technology LTD.  is the general agent in China about British LabPlant Auto Spray Dryer, British AECS  HPCCC&HPCPC, British Caleva  Extruder and Spheronizer and Germany's DIOSNA Lab Fluid Bed Dryer, Mix Grabulation, Film Cater, AutoTable Press.


Contact phone: 010-66155031/32/33

website: www.goodwill-tech.com/ 


Main products are:

1. Auto Kjeldahl Analyzer Auto Solvent Extractor 

2. Fodd Oxidation Tester, Texyure Analyzer

3, Milk Analyzer, Milk Freezing Point, Beer Analyzer 

4, Seed coating Machine, Dustmeter

5, Disinteration Tester, Dissolution Tester, Friability Tester, Hardness Tester, Powder Density, Powder Flowability, Inhaler Testing

6, Auto Spray Dryer, Freezing Dryer

7, Extruder and Spheronizer, Grabulation, Mix Torque Rheometer

8, Fluid Bed Dryer, Mix Grabulation, Film Cater, AutoTable Press

9, SPG Membrane Emulsification, H.P. Homogenizers

10, HPCCC&HPCPC, Auto Flash Chromatography