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OPSIS LiquidLINE, a division of OPSIS AB, develops and manufactures innovative systems for laboratories in the food and environmental industries. OPSIS AB has, after more than 30 years in the analytical business, taken another step to implement modern technology into wet chemistry and liquids. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most advanced, reliable and cost-effective systems. Providing innovative Wet Chemistry solutions to laboratories worldwide.


Worldwide Distribution

OPSIS LiquidLINE is represented on all continents. A network of distributors, has been established, that are among the most competent and experienced organisations in each of the countries where they are operating. This means that you have access to Opsis’ skills and experience wherever you may be.


Production and Research at One Location

OPSIS LiquidLINE is based in southern Sweden. We have all our research and production located at the headquarter since we believe that active cooperation between production and research is important to any manufacturer of quality instruments.

Our aim has always been to offer innovative measurement equipment and software. That is why research is so vital to our work. Both our research teams and our production staff benefit from our ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory.


Our Certificates

OPSIS LiquidLINE is certified according to ISO 9001 quality management system since 1996, and ISO 14001 environmental management system since 2000. OPSIS is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory since 1994.

                     Our company is credit worthy according to Soliditet's credit assessment system that are based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.


OPSIS LiquidLINE - a product from OPSIS, your reliable partner with Triple-A credit rating.



Box 244, SE-244 02
Furulund, Sweden

Phone: +46 46 72 25 00 
Fax: +46 46 72 25 01 
E-mail: info@opsis.se

Delivery Address

Skytteskogsv. 16
SE-244 66 Furulund