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Internal Pressure Type Micro Kit


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Internal pressure type micro kit

Internal pressure type micro kit
Enables easy generation of monodisperse emulsion.
Ultra-small membrane emulsification device using SPG

System flow
System flow


As shown in the system flow, this device is a dispersion emulsifying system in which the inside of tube-shaped SPG membrane (having 10mm effective length) is filled with dispersed phase liquid and, the outside, with continuous phase liquid; then pressure (internal pressure) is given to the inside of SPG membrane by use of nitrogen gas while stirring the continuous phase with a rotator.ハ This is a very easy experiment kit for obtaining the basic data because the condition of emulsification through membrane can be monitored in real time.


Type / Product No. MN-20
SPG membrane
to be used
ø10 * 20mm (Effective length: 10mm)
Available pore diameter * 0.3㎛ or more
Pressure resistance
of device
Volume of continuous
phase liquid
8ml to 200ml (Depending on the vessel capacity)
Volume of dispersed
phase liquid
2ml to 10ml

*Above data are only for reference because they may not be applied depending on the system of experiment.


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