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External Pressure Type Micro Kit


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External pressure type micro kit

External pressure type micro kit
Enables easy generation of monodisperse emulsion.
Ultra-small membrane emulsification device using SPG

System flow
System flow


This device is an emulsifying system in which the outside of tube-shaped SPG membrane (having 10mm effective length) is filled with dispersed phase liquid, and the inside, with continuous phase liquid; then pressure (external pressure) is given from outside to inside of SPG membrane by use of nitrogen gas while stirring the continuous phase liquid with a rotator. This external pressure system is basically the same as that of the mini kit, wherein the emulsifying pressure can be increased up to 500kPa at maximum. Therefore, for SPG membrane used in this system, the diameter of pore can be selected from a wide range down to sub micron including the working range (2 to 3㎛ or more) of internal pressure type micro kit.


Type / Product No. MG-20
SPG membrane
to be used
ø10 * 20mm (Effective length: 10mm)
Available pore diameter* 0.3㎛ or more
Pressure resistance
of device
Volume of continuous
phase liquid
50ml to 200ml (Depending on the vessel capacity)
2ml to 5ml
Volume of dispersed
phase liquid
3ml to 10ml

*Above data are only for reference because they may not be applied depending on the system of experiment.


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