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Mix Torque Rheometer


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Mix Torque Rheometer  




The Caleva MTR is well-established as a valuable formulation development, formulation research and production quality control tool. It provides a quantitative and reproducible measurement of the wet mass in terms of the torque produced when shearing the granulation within the pivoted mixing bowl. This ability allows formulations to be optimised and product and excipient quality issues to be identified.





The MTR-3 is designed to enable the user to quantify the consistency properties of a wet

mass. This has important implications as shown below:


Formulation development:

The speed of pharmaceutical formulation development and testing can be improved. The relationship between both simple and complex formulations with different binders and mixing times can be described with quantitative results facilitating investigations into the problems surrounding the development of formulations.

Formulations can be optimised to compensate for batch variations between formulation excipients.

Scale up

Quantitative data is generated that can be used in a structured scale-up program

for process development.


Product batches can be routinely tested for consistency in a few minutes (as a

predictor of final product quality). Thus eliminating the need to have lengthy routine

production stoppage thus increasing the effective use of capital equipment.




Size: Approximately 670 mm d x 400 mm w x 400 mm h. Space for a laptop computer is also required

Weight: Approximately 35 kg

Cabinet: Brushed 304 stainless steel

Product contact parts: 316L stainless steel and approved plastics


Installation and operating manual

Product contact parts list

Plain mixing bowl (water jacketed option available) with one set of mixing blades

Automatic dosing pump and accessories

Laptop computer with software installed

Additional full copy of the necessary software


Single Phase 220/240v (or 110/120) according to customer requirement

Load transducer to 5 kg as standard

Electronic motor drive and speed control

Primary shaft speed 10 rpm to 250 rpm

Emergency Stop

Safety interlocked polycarbonate safety cover

Standard torque range from 0 to 5Mn


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